Should You Use Online Lenders? How To Discover Reputable Online Lenders…

There are established brick and mortar companies with online divisions like Capital One and other well established lenders that can be trusted. For other less established online lenders, be very careful and do your due diligence before getting involved with them. One major red flag is if the lender is located on an Indian Reservation…. [Read More]

Payday Lending – How to Deal With the Present Day Mafia

Present Day Mafia – The Solutions If you ever found yourself having to use these high interest rate lenders then I know you have experienced sticker shock. It is a tough decision to make, but when the needs outweigh the costs your choices are limited. If your credit keeps you from getting a credit card… [Read More]

Pay Day Loan Tips – Dealing With the Present Day Mafia

Present Day Mafia How I long for those day when you sit back on the stoop, watch the kids play stick ball in the street and wait for that home cooked meal. Immigrants with dreams of a better life. Operating stores and doing everything they can to make this dream a reality.  When times got… [Read More]