Credit Card Help

We understand that Credit Cards make life Convenient. We also understand that convenience can quickly turn into monthly payments you can’t manage.

You’re Not Alone

  • Average Household Credit Card Debt: $15,611
  • Average Number of Credit Cards: 3.7
  • % of income for Household Debt: 9.94%
  • % of consumers who are delinquent: 33%

How We Help

Pick your Credit Card Company from the list, enter your Balance and hit Calculate.The resulting minimum payment and interest rate shown is what we can set up to make your payments more manageable.

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We Can Help

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  • Over 200,000 consumers assisted
  • Free Consultations and Advice
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A Debt Coach has helped thousands of consumers, just like you, find resolution to the financial problems they are facing. For over 25 years, We have helped consumers re-negotiate the terms of repayment helping them lower their payments and interest rates, making the payment more affordable.

What to Expect from A Debt Coach

Once you contact ADC you will be connected with a Certified Credit Counselor who will LISTEN to your questions and concerns.

Your financial data will be collected and QUANTIFIED.

Our counselor will create an Action Plan displaying the options you have available following the 5 OPTIONS OF DEBT REPAYMENT.

If you just need Budgeting help we will TEACH you. If some spending tips will make the difference we will SHOW you.

All of the above is FREE of charge.

If Third-Party intervention is needed our Debt Repayment Plan will reduce your payments to save you money monthly, giving you one place to pay for all your debts each month.

Contact us (888-767-9155) for a Free Consultation