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A Debt Coach Has over 25 years experience in Nonprofit Credit Counseling and Debt Management Services to consumers. Our debt management program provides the help, resources, and education to help you get completely debt free! A Debt Coach is a Non Profit Certified Christian Credit Counseling Organization and has been since 1992.

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Budgeting Tips – How Can I Retire?

How can I Retire? One of the biggest questions we face is “How can I retire?” In today’s financial situation. We spend our retirement without even thing about it. Living for today or trying just to survive will catch up to you in the end. Planning ahead is the key. Something we really don’t do,… [Read More]

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When in Debt – Who You Going to Call?

What are we supposed to do when we experience financial difficulties?  If simple changes to the budget or the liquidation of assets doesn’t resolve the problem where can we turn?  We see the advertisements on TV and the Internet offering solutions but we have also read the horror stories of con-artists and less than scrupulous… [Read More]

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Credit Tips – Your Credit Score and You

  Whether you’re buying a home, a car or applying for a credit card, Lenders want to know the risk they’re taking by lending you money. FICO scores are the credit scores used by 90% of the top lenders to determine your credit risk. Your FICO Scores (you have FICO Scores for each of the… [Read More]

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Using Credit Counseling to Put Student Loans Behind You

Nearly 20 million Americans attend college each year. Of that 20 million, close to 12 million – or 60% – borrow annually to help cover costs. There are approximately 37 million student loan borrowers with outstanding student loans today. As of the fourth Quarter of 2014, the under 30 age group has the most borrowers at 14… [Read More]

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