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A Debt Coach Has over 25 years experience in Nonprofit Credit Counseling and Debt Management Services to consumers. Our debt management program provides the help, resources, and education to help you get completely debt free! A Debt Coach is a Non Profit Certified Christian Credit Counseling Organization and has been since 1992.

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Own Your Life – Setting Up Controls

Setting up Controls OK, so now you have your budget, but a bunch of numbers on paper doesn’t mean much.  You have to start following the budget and that is going to be difficult, especially the first couple of months.  To make sure that you are following your budget you are going to have to… [Read More]

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Own Your Life – Creating a Budget

A Debt Coach covered Financial Goals and Estimates vs. Actual in the last two publications. Before you can create a workable budget, you need to figure out your goals, net monthly income and your current monthly expenses. If you have not completed or read the first two publications, Please go back to Own your Life… [Read More]

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Payday Lending – How to Deal With the Present Day Mafia

Present Day Mafia – The Solutions If you ever found yourself having to use these high interest rate lenders then I know you have experienced sticker shock. It is a tough decision to make, but when the needs outweigh the costs your choices are limited. If your credit keeps you from getting a credit card… [Read More]

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